Sing together online without delays

Flock is low-latency software
designed for choirs

Flock is FREE to use while in beta.

Sing together online without delays

Flock is low-latency software designed for choirs

Flock is free to use while in beta.

Live singing over the internet

Hear each other sing live, in harmony, with low-latency audio.

From your home computer

Works with your home computer and internet, without any specialized equipment.

Designed for


Easy to use for Singers and intuitive controls for Leaders.

Our Story

The Covid crisis has hit choirs and musical groups globally.


As founders deeply involved in the world of choirs and community singing, we’ve experienced first-hand the frustration and sadness that comes with not being able to connect musically with our members.


We are building Flock to solve this problem.

Synchronized online singing is a breakthrough technology. We believe it will become an essential tool in every choir leader’s toolbox – bringing greater convenience and inclusiveness to singers around the world.


Download Flock now by following the Getting Started instructions for Singers and Leaders.



Marc Jenkins

Director of The Choirs YYJ
Victoria, Canada

Folks are elated that they can sing again in real-time… and quite a few people have said “I’m learning because I can hear my friends learning… it doesn’t just sound like you’re doing a radio show. It’s real.”

Chris Eastburn

Music Director Family Folk Chorale
Boston MA

It’s the experience of having a voice to work with again. To sing in harmony in real-time is just game changing. I’ve been emotionally moved hearing each other’s voices again.

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What equipment is needed?

For Singers

  • A Mac computer is needed. Singers on Windows, Android and iOS can connect via the Flock-to-Zoom bridge.
  • Internet connection must use a network cable (i.e. not WiFi)
  • 1 Mbps of upload bandwidth
  • A wired headset (i.e. not bluetooth)
  • Maximum distance of 400km / 250mi from the Leader


For Leaders

  • Same as Singers, plus:
  • Leaders need 1 Mbps of upload bandwidth per singer


How to include Singers who don’t have a Mac?

Flock is available on Mac only. However, other singers can participate easily via Zoom.


The typical setup of the Flock-to-Zoom bridge is:

  • All singers connect on Zoom and are placed on mute.
  • Mac singers connect on Flock.
  • Flock audio is streamed into the Zoom session.


The result is:

  • Everyone sees each other on Zoom.
  • Everyone hears the synchronized singing from Flock.
  • Everyone sings along at home, but only those on Flock will be heard.


The Leader needs a Mac. Setup instructions for the Flock-to-Zoom bridge can be found in Step 9 on the Leader Setup page.

What does beta mean?

It means that Flock is still in development and is pre-release, will contain bugs, may not work as expected and does not yet contain all of the planned features. The Flock beta is FREE to use. We don’t give any warranties about the software nor will we be liable for any loss incurred as a result of using it.

How much does it cost?

While we are in beta, Flock is FREE. After the commercial launch we will announce pricing. We expect that it will be structured as a subscription service, and aim to make it as affordable as possible for choirs.

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About Us


Ed Aldcroft


Ed is Musical Director and Founder of the Barcelona English Choir, a 250-member open-access community choir.


Prior to his move to Spain, Ed worked at Sage Gateshead, a concert hall and institute for music education in Northern England where he managed more than 1,000 weekly participants across 30 separate choral and instrumental groups.


Ed holds a BA (Hons) in Music from the University of Cambridge. He is committed to community development and making music accessible to all.


Paul Rodgers


Paul is an amateur Bass singer and member of the Barcelona English Choir.


Before founding Flock, Paul had a 25-year career in product development ranging from building a consumer webmail service in New York that reached 20 million subscribers to leading a Growth team at a young micro-finance company in Africa which grew to over a billion dollars in assets.


Paul has an MBA from INSEAD and a degree majoring in Computer Science from the University of Cape Town.