The monthly bespoke email marketing service

We plan, create, and send perfectly crafted, hand coded emails for your business that hit the inbox - every time.

Full Service

We manage campaign strategy, design and branding,  automation, list building, templating and delivery through the Flock platform. All for a set monthly fee.

Precision Builds

Using a unique bulletproof rapid-development framework, we craft pixel perfect bespoke email builds that work in every inbox client – Even the really old ones.

Reliable Delivery

Reputation matters. The Flock platform relentlessly monitors your domain reputation and Sender Score to ensure your emails land in the inbox. If they don’t, we’ll tell you why.

Unrivalled Knowledge

We have managed the email operations of some of the largest brands in the UK. We are email marketing industry experts and want to share our knowledge with you.

Full Service Email Marketing Support

We know that email marketing is never as simple as it should be. The processes become complex, metrics harder to measure, and sometimes even deliverability can become an issue. At Flock we offer a full email marketing service that allows us to assist in as much or as little as you need to get the best from your email marketing budget. Build your perfect service from the features below.

Strategy and Planning

Your business needs to have a relationship with your customers. Email is the most  effective method of keeping in touch. We help our clients start meaningful relationships with thier customers, by digging into the roots of the brand and the values it’s built on to make sure your email strategy is solid and fit for purpose.

Design and Branding

We take design seriously. An email is not like a website. It has a different goal, a different message and a real opportunity to start a conversation with the customer that can lead to sales or an increase in your brand’s reputation. With that in mind, we design emails that convert, and always reflect the goals of your campaigns.


At Flock, we focus on using data and research to create automation that communicates with the customer at the most appropriate moment possible, and delivers the message that has the most impact. We dig out opportunities to create sensible and effective automation from your day to day operation.

List Building & Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a buzzword,  but the science behind it is not new. At Flock we are experts at assisting brands to grow thier prospect lists quickly, and with quality contacts. Are you collecting addresses from the right people in the right places? Are you missing opportunities to do so? We’ll find out.


By using a combination of well planned content, precise timing, perfect builds, and a healthy domain reputation, we achieve excellent results. Successful delivery (and in turn, engagement) is the sum of all parts of the email marketing process at Flock, and we pride ouselves on getting results for our clients.

The Flock Platform

At the heart of our operation is the Flock platform. Capable of outgunning mass mailers like MailChimp, and more cost effective than enterprise level solutions. Share your service with members of the Flock team for rapid support and to make email build, deployment and automation an absolute breeze, even for household brands.

Precision Email Build

At Flock, we use a unique rapid-development framework to create brand templates and ad-hoc campaign builds. Each build is pieced together by hand to ensure maximum quality and zero redundant code.

Hand Coding

No drag and drop editing or mangled templates. Just beautiful bespoke hand coded builds for deployment, or for use on the Flock platform, or your current ESP as content templates.

“Features” as Standard

For us, extra features are standard. Retina display images, styled alt text, mobile responsiveness and dynamic content are included in every build.

PSD to HTML Email Service
Pixel Perfect Layout

We don’t accept “good” builds. Every email is crafted with precision slicing and accurate measurements to ensure your build looks exactly like the artwork.

Full Litmus Testing

Every email we build is fully validated,  fully tested on every email client and the test results provided for your approval through Litmus.

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Reliable Delivery

Reputation is at the heart of deliverability. Without a good domain reputation, your email campaigns are heading straight to the Spam folder, if not worse. With that in mind, the Flock platform is built around its Reputation Monitor.

Reputation Monitoring

The Reputation Monitor is always running to keep track of changes and report back to you. The system provides:

  • Email authentication health checks on DKIM & SPF
  • Click tracking domain DNS record checks
  • Automated email and FBL complaint monitoring
  • Return Path Sender Score tested every 12 hours
  • 80 blacklists checked every 12 hours
Feedback Loops

Feedback Loops (FBLs) provide the means for an Email Service Provider (e.g. AOL, Yahoo, etc) to forward complaints back to the sender for data hygiene purposes. Feedback Loops for all major ESPs are monitored through the Flock platform.

Sender Score

Sender Score is an indication of the trustworthiness of your Dedicated IP addresses.

Return Path collect data from 60 million mail boxes and spam filtering systems at various ISPs to calculate reputation based on factors including:

  • Email volume.
  • Complaint rates.
  • Unknown Users.
  • Filtering

Leading mailbox providers consider this score when accepting mail and deciding on inbox placement. The score ranges from 0 to 100 with high scores representing good reputation.

We work tirelessly to help improve the Sender Score of clients, through solid improvements of your lists, campaigns and targeting.

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Estimate Calculator

Use this calculator to cost up your personalised Flock email marketing service. This calculator is designed for businesses either just getting started, or with a regular shedule for email marketing. If you have a more complicated requirement for ad-hoc campaigns, please contact us directly.


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Thank you, your estimate has been emailed to you.

Business type

You send emails for clients.

You send emails for your brands.

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The Flock Platform

Would you like to check costs for using the Flock platform for email deployment? The platform is more functional and cost effective than most mass mailing services, and more suitable for small to medium sized businesses than most enterprise level solutions.

Deployment through the Flock platform.

We'll use your own email platform.

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What is the estimated total number of emails you wish to deploy per month? This is the number of total contacts (or active segments), multiplied by the number of campaigns you are likely to send. For volumes above 500,000 please contact us directly.

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Brand Template

Do you need an initial brand template build? This is your main email template with headers and footers that are re-used in most email builds.

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Untemplated emails

Now we'll get to know your specific requirements for campaigns. The next few steps will ask you about specific types of campaigns. Remember this is a method of us guaging your requirements to give you a pretty accurate estimate, so try to imagine an average month when selecting quantities.

How many untemplated email campaigns would you likely need us to build each month? These are emails that are completely scratch built from artwork and do not use your normal brand header / footer (do not include any follow ups or variations of each build, just the main campaigns).

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Campaign Creation

Please indicate which of these creation services you will require for your campaigns. This calculation is based on the number of campaigns you indicated you would be creating per month, and adds the time for us to handle that part of the process for you. HTML coding is already included.

Planning for each campaign's content and targeting

Creating subject lines and main email copy

Creating fresh artwork for each campaign.

If your campaigns are built for multiple segments with content and image swapping.

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Monthly Reporting

Being email specialists, we value reports and data. They tell us how to adapt and what to focus on next to improve results. Select the level of reporting you think you'll need.

Reports don't matter! Just let me look at the data.

Simple top line statistics about your campaigns each month, includes standard metrics like CTRs.

A deeper look at your monthly campaign results, including additional insight from the team, and detailed reports to keep stakeholders happy.

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Planning and Strategy Sessions

How often would you benefit from short planning and strategy sessions?

Our default level

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Campaign Types

What kind of email camaigns do you send to your customers? Some businesses operate on a simple schedule and a single contact list, and some run completely custom campaigns on segmented customer lists. This helps us to work out how much time you'll need each month for the set up and management of campaigns.

The option for businesses with more complex email campaigns.

You generally only send newsletters or offer emails on set templates.

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Semi-templated emails

Now onto the business as usual builds.

How many semi-templated emails would you likely want us to build per month? This includes emails with new or unique content layouts but using the standard brand header and footer (do not include any follow ups or variations of each build, just the main campaigns).

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Your Details

So we can track your estimate, please provide a few details.

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Templated emails

And now the quick and easy campaigns. This usually covers newsletters and standard monthly / weekly offer emails.

How many templated emails would you like to create each month? A templated email is a standard layout you re-use. Usually the only changes are the images, copy and links (do not include any follow ups or variations of each build, just the main campaign).

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Email Variations

And finally, any additional versions or follow up emails. If you are not sure, or don't think this applies to you, select zero.

This includes all variations of the campaigns from the last 3 steps. They may be follow-ups with a different subject line and intro, or a variation for a different audience segment with different offer details. Essentially an email built as part of another campaign with very very small differences to the main build.

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Regular Campaigns

How often do you send regular newsletters or campaigns?

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Marketing Agency

Due to the complexity of most marketing agencies requirements, we are able to create a more accurate estimate via phone or email. Please contact us to arrange a discussion.

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Final service estimate

We estimate your montly managed email service will cost:



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